We Don’t Just Give You Anonymity, Asscky Gives You Privacy


Explore your local area and interact anonymously

Go Exploring

Asscky lets you find and interact anonymously with posts and comments around your location. See what people are talking about in your area!

Hide Your Secrets!!

Create your own private boards to chat with secret friends. Asscky board codes add a layer of security to hide your sensitive messages and media from unwanted eyes.

Safe and Secure

Asscky was made to keep your messages and interactions safe. Users who dont play nice will be branded as dockeys by other users and miss out on some conversations.

Share with People Around You

Anonymous location based chatting and sharing

Use the map to find Asscky boards around your location and see what people are talking about. Share and comment!

  • Find and jump into boards around your location.
  • Share and interact anonymously with others in the board.
  • Create your own public Asscky boards and let others share.
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Hide your secret conversations

Asscky Codes and Private boards are the key

Asscky will add a second layer of security to your conversations. With Private Boards, all chat data is hidden behind a secret key, so snoopers can't look through your private converstions.

  • Create private boards that only you and people you choose can see.
  • Share your Board Code with secret friends to interact privately.
  • Protect your private boards and nobody can view them without the Board Code.
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Don't Take crap from anyboby on Asscky

Brand users that aren't playing nice

Someone being a jerk? Slap a Donkey Badge on thier message or post and they will be branded as an unwelcome user. Boards will show if "Donkeys" are present and warn users whom dislike negative interations

Users will have only ONE badge to give so save yours. Don't worry, we will give you back your badge when the user sheds the badge you gave them

  • Be nice... or get badged a donkey and miss out on boards.
  • Users can create boards that ban donkeys.
  • Keep good interactions and earn up votes to shed badges
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Asscky is now availble on both iOS and Android.